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title. UNSW O-Week 

subject. app design

While O-Week at UNSW this year had virtual elements,  it lacked some of the essential communication areas that O-Weeks in person do. From personal experience the whole university experience extends beyond what is learned in the classroom and to further this experience through guided and appropriate channels is important. O-Week served as the gateway for establishing initial university and industry connection and this application will strive to solve the communication barrier problem that currently exists within the virtual space for students unable to attend O-Week in person. 

Some of the identified core points users had with regards to their experience at O-Week were the freebies, communications with cohort and/or making friends, and access to student societies. With data collection from a sample group told me that these points were held in high regard for most users. The sample group consisted of users who have attended O-Week both In-person as well as Online and are from varying majors, providing an in-depth look into how biases and perceptions form and changed with a person’s lived experiences. With these pain points in mind an experimental application was protoyped for the Participatory Design module at UNSW.

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