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title. prohibition (SCAD Secession Bronze Award)

subject. package design 

Inspired by the Prohibition era, Prohibition pre-mix cocktails feature a series of cocktail drinks that were invented or grew in popularity during the Prohibition era. The 1920’s era was full of music, orchestral music and flapper culture. The artwork and concept for Prohibition borrows from all these concepts.


Each cocktail is named for a song that was orchestrated and performed during the 1920’s. Each song alludes to a woman and was carefully curated and matched with a cocktail and is illustrated in the Art Deco style prevalent during the 1920's.

Clementine: Clementine features the Grasshopper cocktail, a drink invented in Louisiana. The song speaks of a woman from Louisiana and therein lies the connection.




Mary Ann: Mary Ann features the Mary Pickford. This song was chosen because the names fit together. The Mary Pickford was named for a popular French Actress.


Mandy: The song Mandy speaks of the singer’s unrequited love and passion for a woman of the same name. This package features the Hanky Panky cocktail. Hanky Panky is a term commonly used to refer to sexual endevours and thus alludes to a passionate love.


Honey: The Bees Knees is a cocktail that is known for it’s odd ingredient; honey. The song Honey was matched to this cocktail due to the ingredient.


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