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title. noto  (team: Kristen Dunseith, Aby Iberkleid & August Sanders)

subject. app design

Inspired by the intelligent Octopus Noto is an AI based note taking app that has all the functionalities to help individuals with intuitive note-taking and studying. The app focuses on synthesizing, organizing and putting notes together. The user has the option to choose between scanning, importing links, audio recording or photo-capturing their notes. Once all media has been inserted, Noto takes over and re-flows notes schematically into the best view possible. All note pages can be sorted using dates or titles as the user pleases, and every notebook can be custom coded with a colour.


Noto also has a ‘find’ feature which helps users quickly navigate through their notes in order to find what they’re looking for when in a hurry. Editing notes is a breeze as well with the edit screen. Users can go back and edit or add more media, highlight or mark up their notes to fit their study methods. The design of Noto has been inspired by the Swiss school of Design. The design aesthetic was chosen due to it’s clean style and grid format—which prove to provide a good flow and text hierarchy when dealing with an abundance of copy.

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