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title. henshel

subject. restaurant identity, cookbook & menu design

Henshel, a restaurant focused on Bengali cuisine is a privately-owned establishment based out of New York City. Bengali culture not only focuses on the sweet language, the clothing and the food, but also on the extensive festivals that the people celebrate. The primary festival for Bengali Hindus based in Kolkata is Durga Puja. Henshel aims to introduce the American people to the culture, celebration and festival food that is prevalent during the season of the festival.





During the festival, the city of Kolkata is treated as a canvas for a grand art exhibition of color and lights. Every nook and cranny is is decorated with string lights and coloured cloth. The atmosphere of Henshel borrows from the brightly lit atmosphere of the city during the time of the festival. For food, Bengali staples like meat, fish, potatoes and rice are celebrated in a plethora of traditional recipes, and thus the importance of these staples have been highlighted in the cookbook.

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