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title. creation

subject. book jacket design

Creation is a series of books based on creation mythologies around the world. Each volume focuses on a particular geographical area—moving from the east to the west (The Orient, The Mediterranean and The Mesoamericas.) To reflect the geographical subdivision of the mythologies the rising and the setting of the sun has been used to symbolize the progression of the book series.


On The Orient, the top half of a circle has been used to indicate a rising sun, a full circle on The Mediterranean to signify the sun’s travel and day-time across the area, and the lower half of the circle has been used on The Mesoamericas to represent the setting sun and the end of a journey (through the three books).




Other stylistic treatments include illustrated references to the areas and mythologies in consideration. The Koi fish, a popular character featured in Asia has been used for The Orient, meanwhile a Pegasus and a bird stylistically fashioned in the Mayan style of art has been used for The Mediterranean and The Mesoamericas.

The color story of each book has been inspired by not only the time of day it represents, but also the mythologies. Oranges and blues allude to the Asian culture, while the lighter blues, pale yellows and beige has been used to signify the sea and sand within the Mediterranean region. Similarly, the green has been used to signify the lush forests in the Mesoamerican regions.

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