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title. 32 white horses

subject. paper sample book

32 white horses is a conceptual Paper Sample book that promotes French Paper’s Smart white line.


The idea of the paper being a pure white was correlated to the “pearly white teeth.” As such the book illustrates a popular riddle, the answer to which is “Teeth”. Often teeth products market themselves as ‘True White’, “’Pure White’, and other such names. This riddle book could be an allegory of such Teeth products while promoting the


Smart White Line of Paper. The riddle goes; “32 white horses upon a red hill. First, they stomp, then they chomp, then they stand still.


What are they?” The main inspiration for the visuals came from children’s books. Thus, the focal point within the visuals presents itself in the personification of the horses who are meant to be fun and interesting figured within the book to draw readers in and keep them engaged.

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